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Invitations / Announcements 14pt + Matte Finish

Invitations / Announcements 14pt + Matte Finish
Invitations / Announcements 14pt + Matte Finish

Print cost-effective yet professional invitations and announcement cards for every occasion.

  • Most popular stock
  • Simple, clean finish
  • Not folded or scored
  • Optional envelopes


Below are the envelope sizes for each of our standard invitation and announcement sizes. These envelopes will not be printed (white only). For printed envelopes, please order

Low Wholesale Prices

These invitations and announcements not only help your clients stay on budget—they also help you earn more print profit with the same high quality printing. 

Clean Matte Finish

While the C2S stock itself has a very slight glossiness, we don’t add any extra coating, leaving the product simple yet professional.

Popular and Versatile

This is our one of our most popular stocks! They can be used for baby announcements, event invitations, thank you notes, and more. 

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