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Wall Calendars 80lb Gloss Text

Wall Calendars 80lb Gloss Text
Wall Calendars 80lb Gloss Text

Wall calendars are a marketing tool that will be visible to clients all year long.

Coating No coating
Color Full color CMYK: 2 sided (4/4)
File Type Print Ready PDF file
Finishing Fold, collated, saddle stitched, 1 hole drill, boxed
paper type 80lb Gloss Text Stock
Quantities Ranges from 25 to 10,000
Sizes 8.5"x11"
Cover Types Self Cover (80lb gloss text) or 14pt Cover
Special Instructions Both cover types add up to 28 pages. Ensure PDF file is 28 pages. A low res PDF proof for approval is sent to the account holder’s email address. Production time begins once written approval is received. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your proof for approval. Proofs approved after 1 PM EST will enter production the following business day. One free file change is included. Any further requested file changes will be billed at $25 per file change for prepress processing time. Custom sizes may be subject to an additional admin charge.

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