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Cut to Shape Permanent Decals 4mil White Vinyl (Permanent Adhesive)

Cut to Shape Permanent Decals 4mil White Vinyl (Permanent Adhesive)
Cut to Shape Permanent Decals 4mil White Vinyl (Permanent Adhesive)

These custom, permanent vinyl decals are perfect for indoor and outdoor decal signs and more.

  • Flexible, white calendered vinyl film
  • Scuff-resistant, opaque, matte surface
  • Adheres to flat surfaces and simple curves

!Small Complex Cuts: Please note that if your dieline is small and contains small, sharp, complex cuts, we will try our best to cut it; however, we may request that you revise the dieline to larger, smoother, and rounder contours for better cut results.

Custom Shape Decal Printing

Need decal vinyl printing in unique shapes? We’ll print and die cut these to suit your clients’ needs. Be sure to create a dieline layer to indicate your custom shape.

Durable Vinyl Decals

Whether you’re looking to print large wall decals for indoor use or decal signs for the outdoors, this tough, scuff-resistant vinyl will do the job.

Versatile Applications

Businesses love using custom, permanent vinyl decals for wall murals, outdoor signage, product identification signage, and more.

Dieline (for custom shape only)

When submitting your artwork for custom shaped decals, prepare color and design as you would any regular file, but include the shape dieline as a spot color called "CUT". While preparing your dieline, take note of the following:

  • Dieline called "CUT" must be its own layer with no other artwork in that layer
  • Dieline called "CUT" must be a single stroked (not filled) path; not a dashed line or series of lines making an overall shape
No Multi-Cuts: Please note that we will not cut one order into multiple pieces. Artwork containing multiple cut pieces will be rejected.

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