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Mailer Boxes Corrugated Cardboard - 32ECT

Mailer Boxes Corrugated Cardboard - 32ECT
Mailer Boxes Corrugated Cardboard - 32ECT

Print custom mailer boxes that are strong, professional, and perfect for displaying your client’s brand. These boxes have a roll end front tuck (REFT) with dust flaps. 32ECT is the standard product in the packaging industry for light and medium-duty usage corrugated sheets, and our 1/16" (0.0625") e-flute stock is ideal for high quality printing.

Roll End Front Tuck Box

These sturdy boxes have a lid with two dust flaps on the side and cherry locks that secure the front flap in place. To package products, simply fold down the top flap and tuck the smaller side flaps into the sides of the box. Tape or Glue as needed to secure box prior to shipping.

Custom Dimensions

You’re not limited to standard mailer box dimensions. Print custom sized boxes that meet your client’s specific packaging needs.

Printing Options

How do you want your boxes printed? We can print in full color on both the outside and the inside.

Printing outside

Printing Inside

Printing Inside/outside

No Printing

Easy Drag-and-Drop Designer

No need to worry about templates and calculations. Creating a custom box design is simple with our designing interface. Just drag, drop, and preview.

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